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  •  Historical Perspective:
 Sambalpur has a history full of events including Indian Freedom Struggle representing the different section of society. History has to say that Samudragupta in the 4th century, defeated King Mahendra of Koshala, the kingdom that included Sambalpur. During the 5th and 6th centuries Sambalpur came under the rule of Sarbhapuriyas. Towards the 7th century it passed in to the hands of Panduvansi king Trivaradeva. Towards the close of 9th century king Janmajaya I Mahabhavagupta extended his empire which comprised the modern districts of Sambalpur and Bolangir. Hence forward, his dynasty came to be known as the Samavansi dynasty. During the last part of the Samavansi rule, Sambalpur was occupied by the Kalachuris of Ratnapua. The 13th century saw a bitter fight between the Kalachuris and the Gandas. Later on, the Gandas occupied Sambalpur.
 During the middle of the 14th century Ramai Dev laid the foundation of the Chauhan rule in Western Odisha. However, the Chowhan rule came to a close in april,1800, when Sambalpur was occupied by the Marathas. After the British occupied Odisha and bitterness between the British and Marathas ripened, the former found a convenient route via Sambalpur and annihilated the Marathas. Sambalpur was occupied by the British on 2nd January, 1804. Finally it passed on to the Brithish in 1817. The subsequent years witnessed the movements of the Kandhas and Binjhal Zamidars against the British and their poppet ruler in Sambalpur was Rani Mohan Kumari. Although the modern concept of nationalism was not activating force, one could see the spirit of freedom and hatred of foreign rule reflected in the struggle. The period recorded the heroic sage of Surendra Sai. (Most renowned freedom fighter from Western Odisha).  
Sambalpur district, the western most district of Odisha, had been named after the headquarters town, Sambalpur. According to Mr. L.S.S.O. Maller, the town derived its name from the presiding goddess Samalai, whose stone image was discovered by Balaram Dev, the first Chowhan king of Sambalpur. 
Sambalpur district lies between 20° 40’ N and 22° 11’ N latitude, 82° 39’ E and 85° 15’ E longitude with a toal area of 6,702 Sq. Kms. The district is surrounded by Deogarh district in the east, Bargarh and Jharsuguda districts in the west, Sundergarh district in the north and Subarnpur and Angul districts in the South.
  •  Station at a Glance: 
Commissioned on 26th May, 1963, All India Radio, Sambalpur extended service to the people of western part of Odisha as an auxiliary centre, drawing most of it’s programmes from AIR, Cuttack.  Initially, it was catering to the rural listeners with emphasis on Intensive Agricultural Development Programme (IADP).  In a phased manner it started broadcasting programmes of information and entertainment for Farm & Home, Youth, Education B’cast, Industrial and general audience in the shape of Sambalpuri music, Radio Plays and special audience programmes of composite nature.  Initially this station transmitted and also recorded some programmes from its transmitting centre located at Maneswar, 10 Kms. away from Sambalpur town.  The permanent type-I Studios along with the office complex was commissioned on 21st Sept., 1984.  The transmitting capacity of the station was earlier 20 KW MW has now augmented to 100 KW and has started functioning since 1998.  Thus the coverage area and transmission quality has improved.  
In the year 2003, the Hard-Disk recording facility was imbibed to the studio set up. This digitalization of studio set up will help saving space, making work faster, adding quality to programmes, saving of time and for dispatch of programme through ISDN to sister stations.
  • . Coverage Map
  •  Transmission Details
Date of Comissioning : 26.05.1963
Power of Transmitter : 100 KWMW
No. of Transmissions : 3 (Three)
Transmission timings Duration
i) TR-  I   5.55 AM to 10.05 AM 4 hrs.10 mts.
ii)  TR-II  12.30 PM to 3.30 PM 3 hrs.
iii) TR-III  5.00 PM to 11.05 PM 6 hrs. 05 mts.
Programme Origination 9 hrs. 36 mt. daily
Relayed programme & News 3 hrs. 39 mts.
  • . 1% Listening to the Channel : 16000 persons
  •  Popular Programmes of the Channel  :Bandana, News in Hindi (6 AM), Ajira  Bhabana, Rama Charita Manas, News in  Odia (7.05 AM), Itikili Mitikili, Devotional  Song, Chasara Hal, Regional News, Hello  Anurodh, Odia Film Songs.
              Programme composition of the Channel: Originated : 9 Hrs. 36 Mnts
                                                                               Relayed : 3 Hrs. 39 Mnts.