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  •  Historical Perspective:
The whole  district of Keonjhar was a princely state before its merger with Odisha. The early history of the State is not adequately known. It was most probably a part of the old Khijjinga territory with headquarters at Khijjinga Kota, identified with modern Khiching. It became a separate state with Jyoti Bhanja as its ruling chief sometime during the first half of the 12th century A.D. The then State of Keonjhar comprised only the northern half of the modern district for a long time prior to the installation of Jyoti Bhanja as King. During the latter part of the 15th century the southern half was occupied by King Govinda Bhanja under whose rule Keonjhar was extended from Singbhum in the north to Sukinda(a Zamindari in Cuttack district) in the South and from Mayurbhanj in the East to the borders of the States of Bonai, Pallahara and Anugul in the West. During the rule of Pratap Balabhadra Bhanja (1764-1792 A.D.) two small areas of Tillo and Jujhpada were purchased from the Zamindar of Kantajhari and were added to the State. These were recognised as parts of Keonjhar in the Sanad granted by the East India Company to Raja Janardan Bhanj in 1804. Since then there had been no territiorial changes of the State till its merger with the Province of Odisha. But after merger largely for the reasons of administrative expediency the areas of Tillo (7.51 sq.km) and Jujhpada (9.06sq.km.) were transferred to the districts of Baleshwar and Cuttack respectively, while a number of villages called Ambo group (14.84 sq.km.) of Balasore district were added to Keonjhar district. 
          Keonjhar is a land locked district with an area of 8240 Sq. Km. It is situated in the northern part of Odisha. It is surrounded by Singhbhum district of Jharkhand in the North, Jajpur in the South, Dhenkanal and Sundargarh in the West and Mayurbhanj and Bhadrak in the East. It lies between 21o1'N and 22o10'N latitudes, between 35o11' and 86o22' longitude and at 480 meter altitude. 
  • Station at a Glance:
Commissioned on 29th November, 1988, All India Radio, Keonjhar extended service to the people of Keonhar district of Odisha as a Local Radio Station having 1 KWFM transmitter.  Initially, it was catering to the rural listeners with emphasis on Intensive Agricultural Development Programme It broadcasts programme in Odia, Hindi and Adivasi local dialect such as HO, Santali and Juanga. It caters the need of people by giving information, education and entertainment. 
  •  Coverage Map
  •  Transmission Details
Date of Comissioning : 29.11.1988
Power of Transmitter : 1KWFM LRS
No. of Transmissions : 3 (Three)
 Transmissions                          Timings                  Duration
 I  6.00 AM  - 9.00 AM              3Hrs.
                                                  6.00 AM  - 10.00 AM  4Hrs.
II 12.00 Noon  - 5.00 PM            5Hrs. 
III 5.30 PM  - 10.00 PM               4Hrs.30 Mnts.
                   Total Duration:- 12 Hrs.30 Mnts. (Weekdays)   13 Hrs.30 Mnts. (Sunday)       
  • 1% listening to the Channel :  3602 persons
  •  Popular Programmes of the Channel  : Hello Akashvani, Naibedya (Devotional Song), Loka Geeta / Pala, Anuchinta, Keonjhar Parikrama, Ama Chsabasa (Farm & Home Prog.), News in Oriya, Anchalika Sambad, Yuvvani, and Sisu Raija.
  •  Programme composition of theChnnel: Originated : 165 Hrs per month
                                                                Relayed :  183 Hrs per month