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  •  Historical Perspective
The district of Balangir is named after the headquarters towns of Balangir. This town was also the headquarters of the feudatory state of Patna, since the eighties of the nineteenth century. Balaram Deo, the brother of Narasimha Deo, the 12th Raja of Patna, established Balangir. As Balaram Deo is known to have flourished about the middle of 16th century, the origin of the town of Balangir has also been attributed to that period. It is said that the town being founded by Balaram Deo was named after him as Balaramgarh, from which the present name Balangir has been derived. There is however no recorded evidence to support this theory. 
The district of Balangir is flanked in the North-west by the Gandhamardan hill, and in the north-east by the rock-infested Mahanadi. Many hill streams traverse it. It is the land of Tantrik culture. It is also notable for having experimented in the republican form of Government that was overthrown by Ramai Deo. Ramai founded the kingdom of Patna in the 14th century, which within a short span of its militant career become the head of the cluster of eighteen Garhs. The Chauhan rule ended with the merger of the state of Patna and Sonepur with Odisha on the 1st January, 1948. They together from the district of Balangir. Sonepur was carved out as a separate district on 1.4.1993.
  •  Station at a Glance:
Established on the 29th December 1993. All India Radio, Bolangir, disseminates programmes involving people, seeking their participation , speaking their idioms and acting as an agent in their developmental process. In the rural area, AIR, Bolangir has earned immense popularity and it is making a good reach by communicating rural programmes in the District. Folk Music of different areas which recorded and broadcast for the enjoyment of the listeners . The Radio tries to reach the typical tribes gradually and to record their songs and by that a good exchange of culture is being made. The findings of research by the agricultural scientists and the timely advices of the farmers help improving the cultivation. 
  •  Coverage Map
  •  Transmission Details
Date of Comissioning : 29.12.1993
Power of Transmitter : 6KWFM LRS
No. of Transmissions : 3 (Three)
   Transmissions                      Timings                  Duration
            I                              6.00 AM  - 9.00 AM                 3Hrs.
                                               6.00 AM  - 10.00 AM                 4Hrs.
            II                             12.00 Noon  - 5.00 PM                  5Hrs. 
            III                            6.00 PM  - 11.00 PM                     5Hrs.
                           Total Duration                                   Weekdays 13 Hrs. Sunday14 Hrs.                                                                                                                                                    
  • 1% Listening to the Channel : 8193 persons
  • Popular Programmes of the Channel  : Mo Pasand, Regional News, Aradhana,  Shree Ramcharita Manas, Odia Film Song,  Hindi Film Song, Yuvvani, Tu Ku Musi.
  •  Programme composition of the Channel: Awaited from the station