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  •  Historical Perspective:
Bhawanipatna is the headquarters of Kalahandi District. Bhawanipatna is a town of numerous temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon. Named after its presiding deity Bhawani-Shankar. Bhawanipatna is located at19°54′N 83°10′E19.9°N 83.17°E. It has an average elevation of 248 m (814 ft).Phurli Jharan is among the most famous tourist places of Kalahandi, nearer to Noamundi     Bhawanipatna (around 17 km far).The famous Chhatra Yatra of Goddess Manikeswari of Bhawanipatna, a very famous and popular ceremony.
  •  Station at a Glance:
Established on the 30th December 1993. All India Radio, Bhawanipatna, disseminates programmes involving people, seeking their participation , speaking their idioms and acting as an agent in their developmental process. In the rural area, AIR, Bhawanipatna has earned immense popularity and it is making a good reach by communicating rural programmes in Kalahandi District. Folk Music of different areas which recorded and broadcast for the enjoyment of the listeners . The Radio tries to reach the typical tribes gradually and to record their songs and by that a good exchange of culture is being made. The findings of research by the agricultural scientists and the timely advices of the farmers help improving the cultivation. 
This station is broadcasting programmes like Tribal music, Farm & Home, Family welfare, Women and children programme, Youth programme, Drama. Spoken word and literary programmes, Science and Sports programme, Infotainment programmes, Programmes for Senior citizens, Childrens Programmes for all the age groups, Classical music and music programmes of all other categories including Film music. All India Radio, Bhawanipatna, disseminates programmes involving people, seeking their participation , speaking their idioms and acting as an agent in their devel.
Fairs and festivals observed every year are Pausa Purnima, Shivaratri, Holi, Ramnavami, Chaitraa, Jhamu Yatra, Budharaja Parav, Rath Yatra, Toki Parav, Nuakhai, Khandabasa, Chhatar Yatra etc., Folk dances and music, popular in this area are Ghumura, Dandari, Banabari, Madali, Dhap , Bajasalia etc.
This area has contributed literatures and dramatists with fame as Chaitanya Das, Pataraja Padman Singh, Maharaja Udit Pratap, Maharani Asha Kumari Devi, Rama Chandra Raiguru, Brajaraj Singhdeo, Bira Bikram Deo, Lai Rudra Madhab Deo, Gadadhar Mishra, Parsuram Mund, Dr. Someswar Behera, Kaviraj Prayagdutta Joshi, Anup Singhdeo, Prof. Bhubaneswar Behera, Prafulla Kumar Rath and many more. Many cultural organizations with young musicians, dancers and dramatists are bringing National and International fame by presenting the original creations of this area in both Kalahandi and Nuapada district.
  •  Coverage Map:
  • Transmission Details
Date of Comissioning : 30.12.1993
Power of Transmitter : 200 KWMW
No. of Transmissions : 3 (Three)
   Transmissions                          Timings                  Duration
          I                                   6.00 AM  - 10.05 AM      4Hrs. 5 Mnts.    (Sundays - Friday)
                                               6.00 AM  - 10.30 AM      4Hrs.30 Mnts.     (Saturday)
        II                                     12.30 PM  - 3.10 PM                  2Hrs. 40 Mnts.
       III                                        5.00 PM  - 11.05 PM                   6Hrs.5 Mnts
        Total Duration                                                                 12 Hrs.50 Mnts. (Sun -Friday) 
                                                                                                   13 Hrs. 15Mnts.(Saturday)
  •  1% Listening to the progrmme : 5600 persons
  • Popular Programmes of the Channel  : Chetana Chintana, Bandana, Shree Ramcharita, Manasa, New in Hindi(6     AM),                               Rajanigandha,      Chasar Katha, Bichitra, Regional News,       Saraga Phula.
  • Programme composition of the Chnnel: Information awaited from the station.